Literature Review

Before I could propose my research project, I had to decide how to design the study. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask a lot of questions on what should (or should not) be in the study on Teacher Retention when I met with the FDS Senior Management team.

To look for inspiration, and to find a methodology that I was capable of doing, I hit the literature, reading up on how other researchers had gone about designing their study. Unfortunately, even though teacher retention is a huge issue at schools, little research had been completed on teacher retention at the preschool level (making this a good research topic). Thankfully, many of the quantitative methods used in teacher retention studies that have been conducted on elementary teachers could be adapted for preschool teachers, such as in the attached document’s appendix (Perrachione, Rosser, & Petersen, 2008, which can be found on for free). Additionally, I also read qualitative articles where they interviewed teachers to listen to their opinions on why they would stay or leave working for a company.

With this knowledge in mind, it was time to design and propose my study.


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