Collecting the Second Round of Data

I knew that I had to gather the second round of data. I had disseminated it right before Thanksgiving and knew that some teachers would want to get it off of their plates before the break, but that other teachers would want to complete the questionnaire after they came back from break.

Interestingly, there are two out of the 11 Head Start and Early Head Start schools that are much more likely to hold on to their questionnaires, or so I noticed from the first round. Some teachers blatantly told me that they didn’t trust their Center Director. In any event, the first round of data gave me an indication of which schools I would need to concentrate more on. This allowed me to better plan for my visits when collecting the data.

I still had to drive to nearly every school, since at least one teacher at each school hadn’t turned in the questionnaire, just like in the first round. However, now that I knew the process and better understood the preschool teachers’ perspective, my expectations changed and became more realistic. And sure enough, before Winter Break, I was able to collect every preschool teachers’ questionnaire.

Round two complete!


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