Literature Review of Childhood Overweight Status

The New Year is nearly here, which means many people are concerned about their weight and promise to lose weight in the new year. This year, although it can be a complicated and difficult subject, let’s focus on preventing childhood overweight and obesity.

For example, Singh et al. (2008) conducted a systematic literature review on the longitudinal effects of children who are overweight and obese, concluding that overweight and obese children tended to be overweight as adults; recommending early interventions. When early interventions on preventative measures occur, about 40% of them have been found to be effective in preventing overweight and obesity issues, and no preventative studies have a negative result (Flodmark, Marcus, & Britton, 2006).

Help children stay healthy by encouraging them to maintain a healthy diet with plenty of exercise.

While Puss in Boots is fit in this clip, he becomes fat in Shrek Forever After, showing us that even though you may be fit into adulthood, many adults become overweight and obese, which Singh et al briefly discusses.


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