Opting Out of the Research Study Part 2

A few people did drop out of the study. This happened at different schools and in different programs (i.e. Head Start and Early Head Start). So I can assume that it’s not something that’s going on at that particular center, since it’s happening at multiple locations. I also know it’s not a racial issue because both races (whites and African Americans) have dropped out (those are the only two races in this study). I doubt it’s a gender issue–there are no males participating in this study, and there are dozens of women participating; so even though only women have dropped out, it’s fair to say that statistically speaking, if someone were to drop out, it would be a woman.

Demographic issues aside, I asked the teachers why they were dropping out. They all just seemed disinterested in the research. They couldn’t give specific reasons, or at least not reasons that could be justified. For example, when they gave me an answer like “I don’t want to participate”, and I would follow up by asking “Why is that?” Their retort was that they didn’t have a good reason, they just didn’t want to. Probing a little further, I asked if it was a time issue, since preschool teachers are very busy and Head Start/Early Head Start preschool teachers have a lot of paper work; so who really wants to fill out even more paper work that isn’t required of them? But they would say that that wasn’t it and that they just didn’t want to. So I let it be.

That’s just a part of research.


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