New Year’s Resolutions: Reduce Alcoholic Drinking

According to, one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to consume less alcohol.

Every day families are affected by drunk driving. Here in Indiana, the legal driving limit is 0.08%, which is about three to four drinks, depending on the alcohol content (i.e. 3.5% compared to a 5% beer) and your height/weight. This law came into affect about a decade ago. Prior to that, the driving limit was 0.10%.

Indiana, like many other states, lowered their alcohol level because research has shown that there is a significant decrease of impairment between 0.10 and 0.08. However, some people still feel like this is not enough.

In Sweden the legal driving alcohol percentage is 0.02%, which is about 1 alcoholic drink. Sweden imposes strict legal standards compared to other industrialized countries because research has shown that even having more than one drink significantly impairs your driving abilities. If you have an alcoholic percentage below 0.10%, then you only have to pay a high fine and can lose your driving license for up to three years, while if you are above 0.10%, you will go to prison and have your license suspended for up to three years (Magnusson 2011, Jakobsson, & Hultman, 2011).

According to Indiana Drunk Driving Statistics, in 2009, there were 249 alcohol related fatalities. The majority, 210, of those were from people who had an alcoholic content of >0.08%. That means that 39 people were killed by a driving who was <0.08%.

This New Year, let’s save lives by remembering to not drink and drive.


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