New Year’s Resolution: Taking Vacations and Reducing Stress

According to, one of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is to take a vacation. For some families this may mean a weekend get-away to grandma and grandpa’s house. For others, it might mean traveling half way around the world to climb a mountain or lay on a tropical beach.

Nearly everyone loves vacations, but many people don’t end up taking vacations for all sorts of reasons.

Chikani et al. (2005) researched the effects of taking vs not taking vacations among rural women in Wisconsin. They found that women who only took one vacation in the past two years and in the past six years were more likely to be stressed and have tension compared to those who took two or more vacations a years. Additionally, those who took more vacations were less tired at work and at home, and they were more satisfied with their marriage compared to those who took fewer vacations.

This year, do yourself, your family, and your marriage a favor and take vacation 🙂 You will be more energized, have a healthier marriage, and maybe most importantly, be happier!


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