Determining Who to Interview: Qualitative Interviews with Head Start Preschool Teachers

With IRB approval from the University of Indianapolis, I could start my interviews. I had decided to interview 2 Lead and 2 Classroom Assistant teachers per preschool (10 Head Start preschools = 40 interviews total).

However, this would be overkill. The preschool teachers’ interviews, at least from what other literature had told me, would become saturated–that is to say, the preschool teachers would start to repeat themselves with no new information being learned after 10-20 interviews.

It was important to me though that I interview both lead and assistant preschool teachers, because although they work for the same organization and they may overlap on several issues related to Teacher Retention, they may differ in some respects as well. For example, I hypothesized that Lead Head Start preschool teachers would be more likely to view their position as a profession, while Assistant Head Start preschool teachers would be more likely to view their position as a job; and if so, they may quit/resign for different reasons.

Ultimately, and based off of previous research on teacher retention, I decided to randomly interview one lead and one classroom assistant per school (total of 10 lead preschool teachers + 10 assistants = 20 interviews).

(Move on to my other Blog posts to see what actual Interview questions I used and the Results that were found after the interviews were completed by clicking on the Head Start Research tab).


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