Institution Review Board (IRB) for Qualitative Interviews

I filled out the proper paperwork through the Institutional Review Board at the University of Indianapolis to conduct a study on teacher retention issues based on qualitative interviews with Head Start preschool teachers.

Since I was already filling out IRB forms for the same topic, I could just add this study into the IRB paperwork, saving me time and effort (aka, it is always great to only have to go through the IRB process once, so that you can start on the research as soon as possible. This generally means more planning time, but it pays off in the long run because you won’t have the hassle of trying to resubmit to the IRB, while conducting a study, and having to wait for approval of the new study—in this case, I had already been working on a New Hire study about Teacher Retention, and now I want to complete qualitative interviews with preschool teachers on Teacher Retention issues).

Using previous research, I learned what types of questions other published researchers had asked teachers when it came to my research topic; allowing me to develop a 10-question semi-structure questionnaire, aptly named the Family-Child Educator (Lead Teacher) and Classroom Assistant Questionnaire  (this may not be the exact questionnaire used in the study).

Adding this to my IRB submission was not a problem, since the research dealt with the same issue as my first research project–Teacher Retention. IRB Approved!


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