Qualitative Interviews with Head Start Preschool Teachers: Completing the Interviews

I started interviewing the Head Start preschool teachers at the beginning of November. The goal was to complete all 10 schools (and all 20 interviews) before Thanksgiving.

Completing the interviews was easy; finding someone to replace the teacher to stay in the teacher:child ratio proved difficult. Even though my boss and I had planned and put on the calendar which schools we would be at on which days and times, other work still came up.

My boss, the Assistant Director for Quality Assurance, was being called to attend different meetings, provide different trainings, and had to deal with various situations as they arose. That’s life. And since the issue of the research is Teacher Retention, we didn’t really have other people, like Center Assistants to help relieve teachers, since the Center Assistants were already in classrooms filling in while the company hired new teachers.

So I waited (and of course completed other aspects of my job, setting the research on hold).  By Thanksgiving, we had finished six out of the ten preschools. In early December we finished up interview the preschool teachers at the last four preschools.


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