Preliminary Analysis: Possible Themes from the Qualitative Interviews of Head Start Preschool Teachers

Preliminary Results (based off of the researchers memory of the interviews and not directly from the interviews themselves–caution should be taken, since the results may not be completely accurate at this point in time):

In remembering the interviews, the researcher, myself, thought about what all of the Head Start preschool teachers talked about during their interviews. In trying to be as accurate as possible, without actually having the interviews transcribed, I briefly listened to the beginning of each interview to identify for myself who was interviewed at each school. When I did this, several highlights of topics and issues they discussed popped into my head (or at least my perception of the interviews).

Granted, I would never recommend doing this type of analysis, nor would I count this as an actual analysis of the qualitative data. However, in the business world (or educational world in this case), people want to make corrections as quickly as possible. In their eyes, they have seen that half of the school year has gone by, their issue of losing teachers persists, and they would like to start making changes in the new year. This is important for a researcher to keep in mind, because although researchers have their own agenda, businesses/schools have their agenda as well and it’s important to try to work together as well as possible.

And so as a compromise, I have developed this preliminary analysis, while emphasizing that it may not fully reflect the actual results, which will come out later this school year, depending on my availability to transcribe and analyze the data.

The themes of the interviews include the following:

All Head Start preschool teachers discussed relationships, stress, child behavior, and support as being instrumental in determining if they would stay or leave working for the organization.


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