Qualitative Interviews with Head Start Preschool Teachers: Randomly Choosing Classrooms

I received IRB approval from the University of Indianapolis to conduct my qualitative interviews on Head Start preschool teachers.

Each classroom at each school has either a number or name assigned to that classroom. In order to randomly choose a classroom, I entered all of the classrooms from a particular school into Excel and selected the “random” formula, whereby Excel will randomly order the classrooms. I completed this process twice.

The first randomizing was for the Lead preschool teachers and the second randomizing was for the Assistant preschool teachers. Since there were two lists, conceivably both the lead and assistant preschool teachers from the same classroom could be chosen to participate in the study.

The idea was to walk into the first classroom on the list and ask the lead (or assistant, depending on which list) if they would like to participate in the qualitative interview. If they said yes, then great, and if no, then I went to the second classroom on the list.

By randomly selecting teachers, I wasn’t showing any bias in who was being interviewed. The only exception to this rule was if the lead or assistant teacher no longer worked for the agency and instead a substitute was in the classroom for that teacher, then I would go to the next person on the list (in other words substitute teachers were not interview for this study; only lead and assistant preschool teachers).

Selection Criteria Completed!


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