Weight loss through food (fiber) intake

People love to eat. People are nervous about gaining weight.

Luckily, the editors of EatingWell Magazine have found a solution: eat more, lose weight.

In a research study, people lost all of 4.5 lbs over the course of two years by eating more fiber. Although maybe not the quickest way of losing weight, it’s still commendable.

However, the article cites different items high in fiber to help you lose weight, citing chickpeas and raspberries as having the most grams of fiber (8g) per serving.

All of the items they list are mainly fruits, with some vegetables. This gives the impression that the only foods high in fiber are fruits and vegetables.

Meanwhile, products like grains, beans, nuts, and seeds packs loads of fiber. For example, bran cereal (19.9 g), cooked black beans (13.9g), red cooked lentils (13.6g) all have more grams of fiber than raspberries and chickpeas (see the High Fiber Food List for a more complete representation of foods high in fiber).

In fact, raspberries and chickpeas aren’t even the fruits/vegetables with the most grams of fiber. Avacado (11.8g) and cooked peas (8.8g) have more grams of fiber.

Even milk chocolate candy bars have 3g of fiber in them, along side strawberries and pumpkin (that the original article mentioned).

Not to mention all of the products out there that specialize in fiber like FiberOne and Benefiber.

In other words, if you want to lose weight from eating more fiber, it’s good to recognize that there are a number of different foods and products that provide high amounts of fiber. But perhaps the people didn’t lose weight from just eating fiber, but rather certain kinds of fiber.

After all, the chocolate bar diet has not always worked too well for me 😉


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