Preliminary Analysis: Relationships


The relationships that are most important to the teachers seem to follow Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Model, in that those people who are closer to the individual have a larger impact on the teachers.

In this case, the preschool teachers emphasized that their relationship to the other teacher in their classroom (i.e. the lead or assistant, respectively) had the biggest influence on their decision to stay or leave the company. In a few cases, the preschool teacher even emphasized that if not for the other teacher in their room, they “would have left months ago.”

The Center Directors were also noted as extremely important to the teacher, since they are the preschool teacher’s immediate supervisor and the person to whom they turn if a problem cannot be solved within their classroom. Having strong supportive relationships with the co-teacher and the Center Director are crucial when discussing issues of retaining teachers.

Distant thirds are the preschool teacher’s relationships with the other teachers at that center (i.e. co-workers), administration (i.e. Education, Special Needs, and Mental Health support) and the parents, probably in that order.


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