Rate My Professors

Every semester I have my students share with me their thoughts on the class. We typically do this a little before midterms, a few weeks after midterms, and at the end of the semester. This gives me a good gauge on what the students think about the course, and I try to tailor the course to suit their needs, since each class is different and has different learning objectives.

But I always wonder if students feel pressure to say positive things about me, since they know I’ll be reading what they’re writing, even though they don’t write their name on their critique of the course.

Rate My Professors is a great website that students use to tell incoming students about what a professor is like on different scales, such as Overall Quality, Helpfulness, Clarity, Easiness, and Hotness (because it’s important to know how attractive the professor is apparently). Professors can look themselves up on here to see what students are really saying about them, since it’s all anonymous. The only caveat is that they don’t have to use this resource to rate you, so you may not be on there. Search yourself and find out! And then change accordingly.


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