Handbook of Family Policies Around the Globe: Lessons from Networking

A couple of years ago I met Dr Mihaela Robila at a conference called the Society for Cross-Cultural Research Conference. By luck, or the fact that we had similar research topics, I gave a presentation with her.

We both were discussing family policy issues–hers on Eastern Europe and mine on Sweden. Two other presenters also discussed their various countries and how family policy affects them.

After the presentation Dr Robila asked if we would be interested in turning our presentations into book chapters. We all agreed that it would be a great idea, and Dr Robila went off to Springer to see if they would like to publish a book on families policies from different countries around the world.

After receiving the go-ahead (that the publisher was interested), she posted on several sites announcing the book and what the criteria would be for each chapter. For example, on the National Council on Family Relations page, she posted a flier asking for interest (and from Springer).

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 1.48.49 PMSeveral researchers responded to her call, and now a 500 page book has been created entitled Handbook of Family Policies Around the Globe. According to the publisher, Springer, the book will be available in mid-June of 2013, and is intended for scholars, researchers, and graduate students who study family policy.


The book contains information on family policies from different countries’ perspectives from 6 continents (aka, all but Antarctica). Of course it doesn’t have every single country, but it does go through dozens of them, including the chapter that I, along with Disa Bergnehr, wrote on Family Policies in Sweden.


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