The 39th Annual National Head Start Association Conference: The Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center

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In mid-April 2012 I presented two different research projects at the 39th Annual National Head Start Association Conference, hosted of course by the National Head Start Association in Nashville, TN at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center (pictures taken from their websites photo gallery).

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The Gaylord Opryland was truly a spectacular venue for a conference. It wasn’t just a hotel with large rooms to accommodate a conference. There was a whole world inside the hotel. The hotel opens up with rooms surrounding the interior, much like a castle wall (although there is no resemblance to a castle wall). However, these rooms are protecting the middle of the hotel, which is filled with shops, dining, exotic looking trees, and even a lazy river, where you can rent a boat and go for a little ride (more made for families with small children than a romantic couple date, but still pretty cool. Plus there was plenty of courteous staff who were able to help you maneuver through the hotel.

The negatives to the hotel though were that you could (and will) easily become lost in the labyrinth within the hotel. After acclimating myself, I ended up having to shift between three different rooms during my stay. The first room hadn’t been cleaned and there were pizza boxes and other food and drink leftovers from the previous occupants. The second room had an amazing view of this (maybe 20 ft) waterfall.  This was great to look at from the balcony, but unfortunately  I could still hear the water crashing down even with the balcony door closed and therefore transfered to yet a third room.

However, overall, the hotel/resort is truly a nice gift to the Nashville area and worth visiting and staying at. Moreover, there are loads of shopping (and an IMAX theater) to be had within walking distance of the hotel, if you’re not satisfied with all of the shopping within the hotel.

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