2nd National Health Economics Conference: SHEA

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On March 14th-15th 2013, the 2nd National Health Economics Conference was held by the Swedish Health Economics Association (SHEA) at Linköping University.

The Swedish Health Economics Association is called Svensk förening för hälsoekonomi in Swedish.

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This is a two day conference, comprising around 120 people (mostly Health Economists from Sweden), with presenters mainly speaking in Swedish, although some of the talks are in English. To see the program guide, click here.

The conference unites most of the Health Economists in Sweden to discuss their latest 20130314_110927research and work, as well as allows them to network with similar like-minded people.

My colleague and PhD student, Filipa Sampaio (main presenter), our advisor, Dr Inna Feldman, and I will present a paper called “A cost-effectiveness analysis of a parent training programme to prevent child behaviour problems. (En kostnadseffektivitetsanalys av ett föräldrastödsprogram som ska förebygga beteendeproblem hos barn).”


Dr Inna Feldman presented another talk (a poster) entitled Hälsoekonomisk utvärdering av Artrosskola I primävården.



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