Team Building in Gothenburg

Our research team, Social Pediatrics, headed out to Gothenburg (Göteborg) to attend the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) 2014 Conference.

Screen Shot 2014-06-15 at 3.33.05 PM

While making our way from Uppsala to Gothenburg, our boss, Anna Sarkadi, handed us an envelop. Inside contained instructions on what we were to do once we arrived in Gothenburg:

1) Form one of two groups and create a name

2) Rent a bike

3) Bike to the Opera House (6 km, each way) and show/describe our research posters to random passer-by people

4) Interview parents and children on their thoughts about the use of timeout

5) Find a gift for group members who aren’t with us at the conference. It has to be free, meaningful, and connected to Gothenburg

6) Prepare an 8 minute powerpoint presentation in less than 10 minutes to present to the group

The winning will receive a free dinner and be allowed to bring with them one external researcher (plus free wine if that researcher is not from Sweden).

AKA–talk to people about parenting research, present findings, and network.

Below are some pictures showing the amazingness of team building.

Notes from interviewing parents and children on timeout usage
Maria started to chat with people on the train about their thoughts on timeout usage. Children didn’t want it to be used, since they thought it was mean, while parents thought it was important sometimes.


Biking to the Opera House
6 km to the Opera House, but a beautiful view!
Promoting Maria’s bedtime peeing research to random tourists at the Opera House in Gothenburg
Natalie, Maria, and myself celebrating that we had promoted our research on the streets of Gothenburg


Anton couldn’t be with us since he had just had a baby, so we thought a new home was in order

What better way to bring your research literally to the streets!

Click here to read about the ISSOP conference, click here to read about Uppsala’s Social Pediatrics Research Group talks, click here to read about my (Michael B. Wells’) presentation, and click here to read about some highlights in Gothenburg.



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