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Father Involvement Research Alliance Conference: Toronto, Canada

Not long after I had moved back to Indiana from Sweden in the fall of 2008, the Father Involvement Research Alliance (FIRA) held a conference in Toronto, Canada to discuss the latest in fatherhood research. Having just completed some research on father involvement in Swedish child health care settings, I had to reply to their call for proposals. Luckily it was accepted and the poster is cited below.

Despite Sweden’s egalitarian views towards parenting, the child health centers, where 99% of all children aged 0 to 6 go to ensure they are growing and developing properly, still were not fully engaging fathers in their environments. That is, after assessing the waiting rooms, only a handful of them appealed to fathers by having father’s shown in pictures, posters, and magazines, while the largest group of child health centers contained only pictures, posters, and magazines of women and children, with the implication that fathers were not as welcomed there as women and children.

Canadian Niagara Falls

Of course after the conference ended, I was able to travel with my co-researcher and buddy, Jonas to Niagara Falls. Going to conferences yield a lot more benefits than simply presenting ones research 😉

Canadian Niagara Falls Up Close

And then there’s the American side.

American Niagara Falls