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Inequalities in Parenting Support for Fathers of Young Children in Sweden: ISSOP Conference Presentation 2014

The International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) Conference 2014 was held in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Nordic School for Public Health.

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While at the conference, I had one oral and one poster presentation.

The oral presentation was entitled “Inequalities in Parenting Support for Fathers of Young Children in Sweden: Looking at Child Health Centers and Parent Support Programs.

Take-home message:

Sweden prides itself on gender equality and fathers have been show to be beneficial to child development. However, the Swedish child health centers and parents support programs create barriers to father entry.

If fathers are to be involved, then we must encourage them to come; and definitely not use the same tactics with fathers as we do with mothers, as they have different needs.

To see the presentation, please click on the attached powerpoint.


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There were about 60-70 people who listened to my talk, which felt great to have such an audience. But even better, after this talk, five different people approached me to congratulate my work, share their experiences, and to network. And two more expressed their interest via email after the conference.

One man came up to shake my hand, and then stepped away. I started speaking with others who had questions for me, but noticed that he started talking to my supervisor, Anna Sarkadi.

When I finally caught up with my group (having missed lunch thanks to all of the wonderful and interested audience members), I heard what the man talked to Anna about.

“We would like Michael to come give his presentation to all of the nurses in Umeå this fall,” he said.

“But he doesn’t speak Swedish. Do you think that’ll be a problem for the nurses,” Anna replied.

“I don’t care if it’s a slight problem,” he said. “This is information they need to hear.”

Nothing makes a researcher feel better than when others say that their work is  important 🙂

And so I will present at the Barnhälsovårdens nationella konferens (National Child Health Conference) in October 2014.

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I also had a poster presentation. This received much less attention, as posters normally do. I had printed handouts for both my oral and my poster sessions. After 2.5 days at the conference, only 3 poster handouts had been taken.

So when I went to give my oral presentation, I figured I’d lay them out, along with the oral presentation handouts. After my oral presentation, all handouts were gone!

My poster was called “A Qualitative Study on Parental Participation and their Perceptions of the Triple P Curriculum.”

Click on the poster below:

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ISSOP is a wonderful conference if you’re in the field of social pediatrics and child health.

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ISSOP Conference 2014: The Uppsala University Social Pediatric Team Meets Gothenburg

The 2014 ISSOP Conference was held in Gothenburg. ISSOP stands for the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health. Most of our research group, Social Pediatrics at Uppsala University, attended and presented at this conference, either with oral presentations or with posters. There were only about a dozen or less posters at the conference and the designated times to view them where during breaks, so not many people spent time around the posters. However, the oral presentations were very well attended.


The conference was a great venue for our research team, as many audience members showed a great deal of enthusiasm for our research.

Below are some pictures from talks from members of our research group.

Pär Bokström presenting on In My Shoes: a program designed to better elicit information from children
Anna Sarkadi discussing a novel way of analyzing population differences after an intervention
Filipa Sampaio presenting on the cost-effectiveness of parenting programs
Kine Johansen presenting on SOMP-I: early motor development techniques
Thomas Wallby presenting on the Swedish register data through BHV
Lisa Wellander giving a presentation on the costs of child mental ill-health and alternative ways of reducing mental ill-health while lowering costs for municipalities.

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International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health: 2014 Conference in Gothenburg

The International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) held their 2014 Conference in Gothenburg, Sweden from June 16-18. Click here to see the outline of the conference and click here to get to a webpage to download any or all of the conference presentations.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.14.39 PM

The conference was held at the Nordic School of Public Health. Sadly, at the end of 2014, the Nordic School of Public Health is closing its doors after being the oldest public health department for the Scandinavian countries.


The venue however was great, as the backdrop to the conference was the North Sea (Skagerrak & Kattegat more specifically) allowing for many great sunsets to be seen.



The conference consisted of 150-200 people, with main speakers presenting mainly on an overview of a certain topic, helpfully introducing the next parallel session. The great thing about the parallel sessions was that there were only two to choose from, meaning that each presenter had an audience of at least 60 people.

Lisa presenting in one of the parallel sessions

Since the conference is so specific to a certain field, many of the people there (mainly researchers and bureaucrats) had excellent questions and insights.

The conference was also set up in such a way that there was plenty of downtime between the sessions (often an hour or more). This meant that it was easy to network and no need to rush off to try to get 5 minutes in with someone before the next session.

Lunches were rather plain, with simple sandwiches, but snacks/fika was also provided in the morning and afternoon. Typically this was fruit in the morning and something sweet in the afternoon.

However, the dinners were quite grandiose. The first night the participants were treated to a lovely boat excursion around part of Gothenburg’s archipelago (with a complimentary dinner and two alcoholic drinks served).

20140616_212304 20140616_205502 20140616_183938

The second night was at a Rådhuset (finger foods and one alcoholic drink served). Lots of time for mingling and networking.


Overall the ISSOP conference is of high quality with a lot of interested people attending, coming from all over the world. But recognize that not all of the participants are researchers and therefore the presentations should be tailored as such.

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Team Building in Gothenburg

Our research team, Social Pediatrics, headed out to Gothenburg (Göteborg) to attend the International Society for Social Pediatrics and Child Health (ISSOP) 2014 Conference.

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While making our way from Uppsala to Gothenburg, our boss, Anna Sarkadi, handed us an envelop. Inside contained instructions on what we were to do once we arrived in Gothenburg:

1) Form one of two groups and create a name

2) Rent a bike

3) Bike to the Opera House (6 km, each way) and show/describe our research posters to random passer-by people

4) Interview parents and children on their thoughts about the use of timeout

5) Find a gift for group members who aren’t with us at the conference. It has to be free, meaningful, and connected to Gothenburg

6) Prepare an 8 minute powerpoint presentation in less than 10 minutes to present to the group

The winning will receive a free dinner and be allowed to bring with them one external researcher (plus free wine if that researcher is not from Sweden).

AKA–talk to people about parenting research, present findings, and network.

Below are some pictures showing the amazingness of team building.

Notes from interviewing parents and children on timeout usage
Maria started to chat with people on the train about their thoughts on timeout usage. Children didn’t want it to be used, since they thought it was mean, while parents thought it was important sometimes.


Biking to the Opera House
6 km to the Opera House, but a beautiful view!
Promoting Maria’s bedtime peeing research to random tourists at the Opera House in Gothenburg
Natalie, Maria, and myself celebrating that we had promoted our research on the streets of Gothenburg


Anton couldn’t be with us since he had just had a baby, so we thought a new home was in order

What better way to bring your research literally to the streets!

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