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Society for Cross-Cultural Research

While at the Society for Cross-Cultural Research (SCCR) conference in the winter of 2010, I was able to present two papers–one on father involvement in Swedish Child Health Centers and another that reviews the literature on Swedish father involvement in the Child Health Centers and parental leave.

However, the highlight of the conference wasn’t giving my own presentations, but seeing a presentation by the father of fatherhood research, Michael Lamb. His overall presentation discussed the issues that arose when trying to conduct cross-cultural research, with an emphasis on continuing to complete research on the differences of people from within a particular country, and exclaimed the importance of family research in China. Although not exactly promoting cross-cultural research, it truly was an honor to hear him speak. Later I was at an informal meet-and-greet session with everyone from the conference and was mere inches away from god…I mean Lamb. Unfortunately, my tremendous cowardliness stopped me from actually approaching him. Now I finally understand how people can be awe-struck by idols.

To alleviate my stress, I headed out of the hotel, hopped on a bus, and went into the Rocky Mountains of Arizona. Climbing was amazing, but like most of my hikes, I failed to bring a camera with me. For shame.