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Receiving My First (Travel) Grant

A couple of days ago I heard that I had received my first travel grant in order to attend a research conference!

I had been given money before to go to conferences, but always through the department I was working for. So this is the first actual time I applied for an outside grant and received it! And it will be so helpful, as I’ll be able to disseminate the data I’m using for my PhD, make new contacts with others who work with the same program (Triple P), and visit a continent I’ve always wanted to see.

Applying wasn’t difficult: I had to fill out some basic information about myself and my University, and then give a description of the conference and how the conference would be beneficial for my research and myself. The main problem was finding a travel grant that suited me (i.e. paid enough and was tailored for PhD students).

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 4.38.10 PM

The grant will allow me to travel from Sweden to Australia for a conference. I have been wanting to attend the Helping Families Change Conference because it’s organized and run by the creators of Triple P- Positive Parenting Program, and all of the researchers and practitioners there will have worked with Triple P, a program that I use in my research.

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Having applied for 17, 210 SEK, I received 15,000 SEK from FORTE: Forskningsrådet för hälsa, arbetsliv och välfärd, since my research relates to trying to improve child mental health (i.e. behavioral and emotional problems via Triple P).

Very excited!